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Wednesday 12 December 2018



Law 14/2013 , of 27 September , to support entrepreneurs and internationalization

Section 2 . ª International Mobility


Facilitation of entry and stay


Article 61 . Entry and stay in Spain for reasons of economic interest.

1. Foreigners who intend to enter or reside , or already residing in Spain will be facilitated their entry and residence in Spanish territory for reasons of economic interest under the provisions of this Section , in those cases in which proving to be:

a) Investors .

b ) Entrepreneurs.

c ) Highly qualified professionals .

d ) Investigators.

e) Workers engaged intra movements within the same company or group of companies .


Article 62 . General requirements for stay or residence. 

a) Not be irregularly in Spanish territory .

b ) Be at least 18 years.

c ) No criminal record in Spain and in the countries where they have lived for the past five years , for offenses under the Spanish legal system .

d ) Not included as objectionable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to that effect.

e ) Have a public insurance or private health insurance concluded with an Entity insurer authorized to operate in Spain .

f ) Have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members during their period of residence in Spain .

g ) Pay the fee for processing the permit or visa.

4 . The spouse and children under 18 years of age or older who are objectively unable to provide their own needs because of his health , which meet or accompany foreigners listed in paragraph 1 of Article 61 may apply jointly and simultaneously or successively , authorization and , if appropriate , a visa . You'll need to be demonstrated compliance with the requirements in the previous section .




Article 63 . Residence visa for investors .

1. Nonresident aliens who intend to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment may apply for entry visa , or if applicable , residence for investors .

2 . Be understood as significant capital investment that it meets any of the following circumstances :

a) An initial investment equal to or more than 2 billion euros in Spanish government bonds , or worth less than a million euros in shares or shares of Spanish companies , or bank deposits at financial institutions Spanish .

b ) The acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of equal or superior to EUR 500,000 per applicant.

c ) A business project that will be developed in Spain and is considered and credited as general interest , for which we assess the performance of at least one of the following conditions:

1. º Creating jobs.

2 . º Making an investment with relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity will develop .

3 . º important contribution to scientific innovation and / or technology .

3 . It also means that foreign visa applicant has made a significant capital investment when the investment is carried out a legal person established in a territory which is not considered a tax haven according to Spanish law, foreign owned, directly or indirectly , the majority of the voting rights and has the power to appoint or remove a majority of the members of its board .


Article 64 . Accreditation Form investment.

b ) In the case referred to in point b ) of paragraph 2 of Article 63, the applicant must prove that they have taken ownership of real estate by continuing certification information domain and loads the Land Registry that corresponds to the property or properties . The certification will include a verification e- code for your inquiry online.

If at the time of visa application , the acquisition of the property was found in the process of registration in the Land Registry , will be sufficient to submit the said certification stating current seat submission of the acquisition, documentation accompanied by payment of the corresponding taxes .

The applicant shall prove to have a real estate investment of 500,000 euros free of any liens or encumbrances . The part of the investment that exceeds the amount required may be subject to liens or encumbrances .


Article 65 . Effects of residence visa for investors.

The granting of a residence visa for investors sufficient title to reside in Spain for at least one year .


Article 66 . Residence permit for investors .

1. Foreign investors wishing to reside in Spain for a period exceeding one year , may be provided with a residence permit for investors , which will be valid throughout the national territory .

2 . To apply for a residence permit for investors , the applicant must also meet the general requirements laid down in Article 62, the following requirements :

a) Be the holder of a residence visa for investors in force or be within ninety calendar days after the expiration of this .

b ) Having traveled to Spain at least once during the period allowed to reside.

d ) In the case referred to in point b ) of paragraph 2 of Article 63 , the applicant must demonstrate that the investor owns the property right or the minimum amount required under that Article . This should provide the certificate or certificates of proficiency Land Registry that corresponds to the property or properties and must be dated within 90 days prior to filing .


Article 67 . Duration of residence permit for investors .

1. The initial residence permit for investors will run for two years.

2 . Having completed that period, those foreign investors who are interested in residing in Spain for longer than may request renewal of the residence permit for investors for the same period of two years.

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